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Superwash is a specialist industrial laundry that provides laundry services, catering textile service and to industries such as hotels, restaurants and catering, as well as the selection and delivery of your textiles or ours, which we offer in lease or lease agreements according to your needs. We value our customers and are proud of the high-quality industrial laundry services we provide to restaurants.
Our textile rental and catering service offers our customers peace of mind at a very affordable, contractual cost. Our specialized industrial laundry can treat and manage any type of textile for motels and restaurants with the care and precision our customers require.

Superwash aims to provide an efficient option for those who lead busy lives and need quick and easy cleaning solutions for the hospitality industry such as hotels and catering for their clothes or other garments. Superwash experts do their best to meet your needs. They ensure that dirt is effectively removed from fabrics used in the hospitality industry, especially heavily damaged kitchen linen. Frying grease, oil and sauce stains, albumen and red wine, lipstick, make-up and even shoe polish are all washed from cotton and blended fibers without leaving a residue, and our finishing chemicals add the finishing touches to the wash water. Therefore, contact all catering textile services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are Restorations & Catering Textile Dry Cleaning Services?

Superwash is the most reliable laundry and dry cleaning service for restaurants and caterers in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. We provide the highest quality laundry and dry cleaning services to help keep your front of house looking perfect all day, every day, from assisting with the selection of table linens that will withstand frequent laundering and stain resistance to the turn over and wash stock in the shortest possible time. time possible.

2) Do you also steam cook's clothes?

Superwash even launder and dry-clean chef’s whites and server uniforms to ensure your kitchen standards not only meet food safety regulations, but also meet the expectations of your customers and staff.

You can contact our professional business-to-business solutions team by visiting our website, request a quote and we will keep you informed about our laundry and dry cleaning services for restaurants and catering companies in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

3) Is it cost-effective and time-saving to hire dry cleaning services for catering?

We make sure every client’s job is completed and delivered on time. We keep track of the lead times and strive to keep them as short as possible. A hospitality laundry and dry cleaning company, such as ours, also offers a comprehensive range of textile and linen maintenance services. We are your go-to laundry service at all times and will help you get the best deal in a timely and cost-effective manner. Now you don’t have to worry about high bills or managing a large crew of in-house cleaners and washing machines! Save yourself the trouble now and hire a professional laundry expert for that extra delicacy and high customer satisfaction, every time.

4) How to remove grease from the tablecloth?

When your customers spill fatty foods on your tablecloths, such as gravy, butter or, well, oil, water won’t be able to remove the grease.

Take immediate action, do not put food on the tablecloth, this will only make the stains worse, fill a bucket halfway with warm to hot water and washing up liquid. Pour in the dish soap and let the tablecloth soak in it for an hour and never underestimate the magical absorbing properties of Powder.

While you should take the necessary steps to remove the stain as soon as possible, leave the washing to the professionals. You can ensure that your linens always look brand new by using a professional laundry and linen company that specializes in restaurants.