Rental conditions

This part of the terms and conditions applies to any rental/temporary provision of textile products to you by us. The general part of our terms and conditions applies in addition to these rental terms and conditions. Does a provision of the rental terms and conditions deviate from the general terms and conditions or does a provision of the rental terms and conditions conflict with the general terms and conditions? In that case, the provision from the rental conditions prevails.

1. We may set a deposit that you must pay to us before the start of the rental period.
2. We may ask you to identify yourself.
3. We determine whether we deliver the rented item to you or whether you have to collect the rented item.
4. You ensure that:

5. We check the rented item immediately after return. You may attend this.
6. You owe the rent for the entire agreed rental period. This rental period starts as soon as the rented property:

The rental period ends when we have delivered the rented item, including all accessories, etc. have received return. Late collection or earlier return of the rented item by you has no influence on the agreed rental period and rental price.

7. If we deliver the rental to you, delays arising during the loading, transportation and unloading of the rental are included in the rental period if the delays are due to circumstances reasonably at your risk. come. These delays do not lead to a later start of the rental period.
8. The rental period is extended with any delay attributable to you in the return of the rented property. The rental period also includes the time involved in repair, specific cleaning, etc. of the rented item as a result of your negligence. We may request payment of the rent due for the extension and compensation for all damage suffered as a result of the delay.
9. If you – for whatever reason – do not return the rented property to us, you are obliged to compensate all our damage suffered as a result, including the current value of the rented property and the lost profit.
10. We may settle all costs and damage for your account with the deposit.11.The rented property always remains our property. You may:

without our written consent. You avoid creating the expectation or impression to third parties that you do have more powers with regard to the leased property.

12. We can oblige you to return items that have become customer-bound at the end of the rental period due to use of color, dimensions, in-weaving, embroidery, etc. at the new value – less the usual depreciation – from us. to take. 13. Can we not deliver the rented item due to the loss/damage of the items at such a time that we cannot reasonably have replaced/repaired them at the start of the rental period? Then there is force majeure on our side.