Terms and condition

Terms and Conditions

Definitions In these conditions the following terms have the following meanings:

  1. Conditions: these General Conditions;
  2. Consumer: the natural person not acting in the exercise of a profession or

company that offers items and clothing for cleaning;

  1. Vulnerabilities / Valuables: items that are not immediately recognizable as valuable items, but whose replacement value is nevertheless significantly higher than can be expected given the replacement value of comparable items intended for the same use.
  2. Clothing and items: trousers, dresses, shirts, etc. Also bedding etc.

Obligations Super Wash

  1. Super Wash cleans your clothes according to the customer’s instructions

and own expertise.

  1. Super Wash commits to:
  2. To carefully clean and care for the offered textile so that the customer can then pick it up clean and fresh or deliver Super Wash to the address indicated by the customer.
  3. Taking any instructions from the customer to heart in order to be able to deliver the textile to his satisfaction.

c. make a clear agreement with the consumer regarding the price and collection date; d. issue a receipt to the consumer;

  1. Super Wash relies on the instructions of the customer and its own professional experience when choosing an adequate care method for the laundry offered and when implementing that care method. Individual care labels on items in the laundry offered are not viewed.
  2. Valuable items must be supplied separately, so that care labels can be looked at for these specific items and extra attention can be given to them.
  3. If, after reasonable investigation, there are doubts about the prescribed washing instructions and the care method to be chosen for a particular item between the laundry, Super Wash may decide to return the garment to the customer unwashed.
  4. Super Wash accepts a maximum of 4 items per 6 KG for items that are not suitable for tumble drying.
  5. Super Wash is not liable for items that go missing during the washing process. The laundry service is carried out entirely at the customer’s own risk.
  6. To keep the items offered for cleaning as a good custodian and to keep them available for the consumer from the agreed date;
  7. To choose an adequate cleaning method for the offered items and to carry out the cleaning and layout of the items offered professionally.
  8. In choosing an adequate treatment method for an item on offer and when implementing that treatment method, Super Wash may in principle rely on the correctness of labels attached to those items that provide information about the composition and / or method of treatment of the item offered.
  9. Super Wash is not obliged to clean or otherwise treat an item offered if it is clear to Super Wash upon reasonable examination that cleaning of the item in question is not possible using the available method and means, or if there is a serious risk of damage to the item. the affected item would imply. In that case, Super Wash will return the item concerned to the consumer without the consumer being obliged to pay the stipulated price, insofar as that price related to the handling of the untreated item. If the consumer explicitly indicates that he wants to bear the risk for the treatment, Super Wash will carry out the treatment.

Customer obligations The customer undertakes to:

  1. To be paid for the offered clothing and items that have been collected, washed, folded, ironed, steamed and possibly repaired and picked up / delivered again at the address provided by the customer.
  2. Indicate where and when the clothing and items must be collected and delivered again.
  3. Provide instructions for handling the clothing and items. Vulnerable items must be clearly indicated at the time of delivery / collection.
  4. All items that are not allowed in the dryer should be placed in a separate bag / bag and explicitly stated for the laundry service.
  5. Remove everything from pockets of clothing to avoid damage for laundry and dry cleaning services.
  6. Items for the dry cleaning service when entering into an agreement that relates to the cleaning of one or more valuables that are not recognizable as such, to explicitly point out the valuable nature of the items offered for cleaning.

The textile carer cannot be held responsible for the missing item or damage to the item presented if the item presented cannot be returned to the consumer within a period of one year from the collection date agreed between the consumer and the textile operator for the item in question. , due to non-payment by the consumer or because the consumer has not collected the offered item

  1. 8.The consumer is obliged to inform the textile provider as soon as possible of the receipt of goods that are not his property. The consumer will keep these items available to the textile care provider.

Liability Super Wash

  1. Super Wash guarantees professional care, storage and timely collection and delivery of the item (s) or clothing offered.
  2. Unless Super Wash should have noticed the circumstances listed below a to e in a professional manner and could reasonably have avoided damage as a result, Super Wash cannot be attributed:
  3. damage to items insofar as this damage is the result of: § wear and / or shrinkage that usually occurs during the handling of the items concerned;
  • inherent defect of the damaged item, including low strength, weaving defects, insufficient loop resistance of pile fabric, insufficient fastness of dyes, damage by chemicals used in dyeing or printing or by weighting, finishing or impregnating agents present, unsound confection ( e.g. shortening of seams and seams), presence of non-stainless metal objects on the item;
  1. Damage to items due to color loss of an item (s) during washing.
  2. Incomplete cleaning and / or incomplete removal of stains, if the contamination present cannot be removed without damage using the usual cleaning methods and means available in the industry.
  3. Damage to items insofar as this damage is the result of an unfamiliarity with the composition of the item on offer that cannot be attributed to Super Wash, including in principle incorrect, incomplete or illegible labeling, as well as labeling or material designation in a hidden place;
  4. Damage resulting from objects in or to the items, as well as damage resulting from loss or damage to buttons, buckles, zippers, rubber linings and taped belts, which are on the items to be treated. </ li>
    1. Super Wash is obliged to compensate any damage suffered to the customer in the event of attributable shortcomings, but not to an amount higher than the value of the item that is missing or no longer suitable for normal use due to damage. In this context, “value” means the purchase value of the item less the depreciation for the useful life of that item. The garment will not be reimbursed for vulnerabilities that have not been presented as such and were not reasonably recognized as such by Super Wash.

Pick-up and delivery service Super Wash

      1. Super Wash is obliged to deliver the offered item or clothing to the address where the items or clothing was collected, unless otherwise indicated by the customer. The delivery address may be changed up to 3 hours in advance.
      2. Return of the item (s) and clothing to the customer takes place against online payment in advance or pin payment upon delivery, unless otherwise agreed.
      3. If the customer does not indicate 3 hours in advance that the clothing or item (s) cannot be accepted on the agreed day and time, an additional cost of 6 euros will be charged for delivery on another agreed day and time. .
      4. Pick up and delivery cancellation can be done by phone or e-mail.
      5. Changing pick-up and delivery day and time can be done by phone or e-mail.
      6. Items or clothing must be able to be returned to the customer within one month after cleaning after the agreed delivery date. This period is counted from the agreed delivery date, which is caused by non-payment or shift of delivery date by the customer.


      1. Complaints about damage or loss of the clothing must be notified by the customer to Super Wash by email within 48 hours after return of the clothing or item (s). Otherwise, the complaint may not be processed.
      2. In the event of loss or damage, the consumer must at the request of Super Wash provide all information about the item that can reasonably be considered necessary to arrive at a satisfactory solution. If possible, the customer will provide quotations of the price where the item concerned was purchased.
      3. Super Wash undertakes with regard to complaints submitted to it with regard to damage or missing items to make its position known to the customer by email within 4 weeks after submitting the complaint.
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