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Pick up and Delivery service

Laundry & Dry Cleaning


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professional laundry and dry cleaning for companies

Looking for a good launderette or laundry? Come to Super Wash, the right place for cleaning all your clothing and textiles. Whether it concerns “normal” clothing or very delicate materials, in our launderette everything is thoroughly and in the correct (safe) way made completely fresh and clean again. If you don’t have time to drop off your clothes, you can use our pick-up service.


Whatever you need, we have it and we can. From top quality linen to washing your corporate clothing. We have been providing laundry for many companies for years. If you let us do your laundry, you will never have anything to complain about. This way your bedding will always look like new and your employees will look professional!

Pick up service

From Monday to Sunday you can we pick up your laundry wherever you want and whenever you want.

Care institutions

You can visit us for washing of your linen, but of course also for linen rental!

catering industry

All your bed linen, towels and tablecloths will look as good as new with our service!


We can wash all types of company clothing Think of garage clothing or restaurant service clothing.

Stomerij in Amsterdam met Superwash


Linen Rental Superwash

Care settings to your liking

Super-wash is also happy to assist you for the rental of linen. We purchase the linen specially according to the color and dimensions you want, when washing we also separate the linen from other laundry. We offer Egyptian linen, because of their top quality they last a long time. For more information, please contact us so that we can tailor the products perfectly to your wishes.

Bedrijfskleding Superwash Bv

Working Clothes

You can never redo a first impression. It is precisely then that professional, well-groomed work clothing makes the difference. With the service of Super-wash you show your doctor’s practice, hotel or metal company what you stand for. We offer both industrial cleaning and steaming of corporate clothing. For sectors such as the automotive and metal industry, we recommend having the clothing industrially cleaned. Seriously soiled clothing such as garage clothing is no problem for us. Super-wash has a professional laundry with extensive programs and a wide range of detergents to wash every conceivable textile in a sustainable way. Super-wash ensures that your work clothing is optimally cleaned within the most sustainable standard.

Horeca voorzieningen

Catering facilities

In the catering industry a lot of use is made of products such as table linen, tea towels, glass towels, chef’s slippers, but also bed linen and bath linen. Washing, drying and ironing yourself is a time-consuming choice for many companies. That is why the preference is often for a laundry and it is common to use Super-wash. In addition to the low costs, which are partly made possible by our large washing machines, we also offer a fast and flexible collection and delivery service. With us, quality comes first and we always think along with the customer.

Ophaalservice Superwash

Pick-up service

We clean clothing for companies and catering establishments. A large number of regional clothing and interior shops have been using our laundry and other services to their satisfaction for years. Want to wash your dirty laundry without hassle and hassle? And at a time when it is you suits you best? That’s very easy from now on! From Monday to Sunday, we collect your laundry wherever and whenever you want. Contact us at Tel.: 020-215 73 47 , mail of Contact Form

Say goodbye to bad smells and dirty clothes.

Are you looking for a dry cleaning or laundry service in Diemen? Then you’ve come to the right place; Superwash is your one stop shop for all your dry cleaning needs . Superwash is a professional on-demand garment care and finishing service for your home and business accessories. We offer the best online dry cleaning Diemen and laundry service at competitive prices.

Our professionals understand the pressures of a fast-paced, vigorous lifestyle, which is why we provide services right at your doorstep. We offer a variety of dry cleaning services, including delicate clothing cleaning and dry cleaning for bed linen, towels and tablecloths. We use environmentally friendly technology and are known as the “best dry cleaners in Diemen”

Our mission

Our ultimate goal is to reach people around the corner from Amsterdam with our good dry cleaning services . With our dry cleaning services, we’re here to make your life a lot easier. We strive to be honest and fair in fulfilling our obligations, and we will continue to improve our business ethics and code of conduct and expand the best dry cleaning service in Amsterdam to provide our customers and consumers.

Join our mission and let us serve you with our excellent dry cleaning services

Stomerijservice in Amsterdam
Restaurants and Hotels Wasserij Dienst

1. Does Dry Cleaning Shrink Our Clothes?

Many of our customers inquire about the possibility of shrinkage. We understand your concern, because there’s nothing worse than not being able to wear your favorite outfit!
As a result, if dry cleaning is not allowed to shrink garments properly. Superwash has the most up-to-date dry cleaning technology and can always meet your dry cleaning needs. Our dry cleanersThe Diemen technicians have also received extensive training. Over the years, our team has covered some of the hospitality industry’s most challenging and problematic fabrics and garments. So when it comes to dry cleaning your commercial clothing, you can trust us for your clothing because we have this experience.

2. Are my dry-cleaned garments odor free and ready to wear?

When you take your clothes to the dry cleaners, you want an immaculate trouser suit that smells as clean and fresh as a machine-washed sweater. So, if that’s what you’re dreaming of, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, if you choose Superwash for your garments, they will be fragrance free and ready to wear. All our solvents are kept clean and impeccable by our cleaning department. We also follow proper drying techniques to ensure all items are fragrance free and ready to wear.

3. How can I wash my white tuxedo at home?

The first thing you can do is buy appliances that will clean your suit for you from the comfort of your own home. Before you wash your suit, you should also test a small part of it to see what happens. Testing is the necessity and afterwards to achieve this, wet a small part of your suit with water, detergent and fabric softener. Then use a cotton swab to clean the washed area. If any of the colors get on the swab then you need to have the suit dry cleaned and for that we are here to offer you the best dry cleaning in Amsterdam . Also keep in mind that you set the washing machine on the softest setting and the temperature on cold. When your suit is ready, take it out of the washing machine and lay it flat to dry. Simple!

4. Do dry cleaning clothes often make them unbearable faster?

Good question, this is a common misconception among peers about dry cleaning. But the point is that dry cleaning (and regular care) extends the life of clothing and textiles. Some spots may appear “invisible” at first, causing them to be overlooked. While you may think it’s okay to get back into your closet, those stains will fade over time. (Stains on ties, scarves, suits, and other items are prime examples.)

Do you have a question about a stain? We always advise customers (and the general public) to go to a professional dry cleaner to avoid irreparable damage. You are always welcome to visit us and call us for all your dry cleaning needs.

5 Wat is Spot Cleaning?

The majority of our consumers have asked us this question. So, have you ever seen a “Spot Clean Only” label on a product? Stain cleaning refers to the process of hand washing only the areas of your garment with visible stains. When you come across this instruction, you should be aware that these clothes cannot be cleaned using standard procedures. Different decorations in different ways are unusable when washed or dry cleaned. On delicate clothing, such as a beaded dress, spot cleaning is common. Since the dress is beaded, spot cleaning can remove the stain without damaging the beadwork. However, it does not work on all types of materials.


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