As a customer you can rely on our high-quality working method. We treat your laundry with the utmost care. According to a fixed protocol, the dirty clothing is collected from the customer and then treated according to the wishes of the customer. If necessary, the clothing is clean and returned to the customer within 24 hours, if desired, up to the employee’s wardrobe. This means: bring in the morning, so pick up in the afternoon. The activities never take longer than 5 working days.

Our standard working method for you at a glance:

1) Collection of the dirty work clothes;
2) Sort / Scan;
3) (Chemical) washing / drying;
4)Folding / Sorting / Scanning;
5) Return to the customer.

The method mentioned above is standard, but due to our high degree of flexibility, per
customer can be deviated from if desired. So you always have tailor-made service!
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