Dry cleaner Super Wash runs its route in and around Amsterdam every day.
Do you not have enough time or opportunity to bring your laundry, steam or ironing to us? Or is it simply impossible, to bring heavy curtains or carpet to us?
We will collect your laundry, steam or ironing from companies and your house. All your laundry, steam and ironing is cleaned in our _ environmentally friendly machines_ and after cleaning the textiles are neatly packed. After this, we bring all your laundry back to your company or home.

Would you like to use our pick-up and delivery service? Then you can place your order directly online via this link: Or you can contact us.

Delivery area of Super Wash

Place nameMinimumDelivery
Amsterdam West€45,00€15,00
Amsterdam Zuidoost€45,00€15,00
Amsterdam Noord€45,00€15,00
Amsterdam Duivendrecht€45,00€15,00
Amsterdam Zuid€45,00€15,00